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2.3 Billion Young People Need to Know Jesus!

The overwhelming majority of trained younger generation leaders live in the United States. Yet an overwhelming percentage of the younger generation—89% of them—live outside of the United States in developing countries. There are approximately 1.4 billion of the younger generation living in Asia, 500 million in Africa/Middle East, 300 million in the Americas, and 100 million in Europe. Among the churches in the U.S., 1 youth leader serves every 600 teens—and that’s 97% of youth ministry leaders worldwide. Yet in the rest of the world only 1 youth leader serves every 120,000 teens. Therefore, the significant need exists GLOBALLY to equip as many younger generation leaders as possible to reach and disciple the 2.3 billion young people who do not know Jesus.

You will EXPAND YOUR INFLUENCE when you engage with Barry’s Training and Resources. You will have what you need to reach and disciple young people to trust and follow Jesus.  

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Affirming Words from Around the World

Kurt Nelson

Kurt Nelson - President East-West Ministries International

"Barry's friendship and encouragement have been an immeasurably great inspiration to me personally for over four decades of my life in Christ. God used Barry to mark my life at the crucial foundational stage of my first steps with Christ - and I have never gotten over that! His partnership with me at East-West is a constant blessing in my life..."  Read More

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